Roanoke Wellness!

While my experiences are somewhat limited since I have only lived in this area for a handful of years, I wanted to share some of the wonderful experiences that I have had with local healers and businesses. I'm going to be updating this list as my experiences broaden. If you have anything to share, a business to plug, a great story, etc. - please drop it in the comments!

Acupuncture. When I first decided to try acupuncture, I went to Katie Clifton at Queenpin. I've been inspired by her dedication to healing, her generosity with her time and expertise. When I first started utilizing her, she was a one woman powerhouse! Her practice has since expanded to include other healers - strengthening and growing her clinic. Queenpin is housed in the Haven - a beautifully remodeled building with an eco-cafe, massage, and a rentable space which features yoga, soundbath, and other classes.

Chiropractic. Brian and Carol Mynatt are a husband and wife chiropractic team. They came highly recommended to me, and have lived up to the praise! PLUS, it's only $30 a visit!

Yoga. I have taken several yoga classes in the Roanoke area and have not been disappointed in any of them! We are lucky to have so many gifted people who teach yoga and help others stay in practice. Recently I have taken classes from Sarah, who teaches at Uttara - a studio that offers a wide range of classes for any level.

I will continue to update this list as I have time and expand my experiences. Share your recommendations in the comments!

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